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What must one know or do before....

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  • What must one know or do before....

    before they take the plunge and begin taking steroids?

    I'd just like to hear the differences in opinion, or perhaps the similiarities.
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    know that they shouldn't inject in a vein...


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      Originally posted by Anadrol
      know that they shouldn't inject in a vein...
      So you would remind him to aspirate each time. Okay, what else?
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        don't inject too much...


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          They are not majic ! And they will not make you huge overnight ! They are only a small part of the puzzle to get big ! Training,Diet, and rest are the keys ! Just my 2 cents ! Hows that Jaywooly ?
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            Gear is not a miracle drug. It takes diet, intense training, rest, and knowledge. It's not for everyone. Doing research on the different types should be encouraged.

            TRAIN...because it's in your blood, EAT...because you need to feed the machine...and REST to grow for the next day of INTENSITY!


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              aquire a base, meaning muscular developement for several years. geting the most out of your natural hormone levels before jacking them up.

              Too many kids train for a year or two and start hitting gear at 1g or more... These kids think they are on top of the world because they start making gains, but in reality, they are a shooting star destin to burn out very quickly, They have no muscle maturity or density and when they come off the gear the lose a tremedous amount of weight they had gained. I feel its because the body is not unaccustomed to maintaining this newly added weight, and seeking homeostasis.. They have developed no support system for this muscle, simply relying on gear, and more gear to hold the weight. This is my opinion from 20+ years of gear experience. Ive watched many many young kids come, grow huge and disappear from the game as quick as they came into it. The funny thing is non of these types ever did or ever will listen to the voice of experience.

              also start with minimal doses and graduate only when needed, get all the benifits you can from the low doses, as you will only need to add more to gain more in the future.

              So IMHO, I think one should have been training at least 5 years before using gear. Maybe Im wrong, but this is what Ive expereinced.

              I may not be the most knowledgable person when it comes to the technicalities of the chemical compounds we paly with, but I have as much IF NOT MORE realtime, true world, hands on expereince with this stuff as most anybody.... so you can consider my input as valid anticdotal evidence.....
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                Those three responses I like. I was thinking....

                One should understrand that steroids are not a miracle drug. You need to have your diet in check to get to the full effects. You should put 100% into your workouts, dieting, resting because if you only put in 50%, that's all you'll get out of your cycle.

                I aslo feel one should have trainined long enough to plateau naturally before trying steroids.

                I feel one should know the effects of different steroids, and how they could negatively effect the body.

                I feel one must be fully prepared with anti-e's, liver protectants, etc.
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