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How long does your injection process take?

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  • How long does your injection process take?

    If we're talking strictly gear, how long does it all take for you?

    This would include getting the gear out of the drawer (or whatever) all the way until puting it back.

    For me the process takes about 10 minutes depending on what place I hit. If I'm hitting gutes it takes a bit longer.

    I just want to see if this compares to the rest of you. I like to take my time to make sure things are right.
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    I would probably go with about 10 mins as well, give or take. The longest part for me is the injection, as I go pretty slow with it. I seem to be sensitive to shooting fast and end up real sore for days if I shoot fast, so I just take my time with it as well (near a cc/minute).

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      Probably 15 minutes from start to finish..I always wait a minute or two after I've drawn it up before I make the jab....Don't know why..I just do..
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        around 8-10 min here too..


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          Approximately 5 minutes....25 gauge is like going through butter.
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