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IGF results start when ??...

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  • IGF results start when ??...

    just started taking IGF...i am taking 20 mcg's 2 x's day after each training session...i have been shooting it in my shoulders and they are lil bit more sore then i thought they would be for using a insulin it the compund or should i just add 5 iu's of bacterial water to dilute it ??

    Does anyone know how long it will take before i see results from this protocal..?

    i am 36 20 years...5 ft 6 in...10 % Bf 220 lbs...
    right now i am taking
    750 mgs of testoviron M.W.F..12 weeks
    100 mgs prop M.W.F first 2 weeks ..last 2 weeks
    100 mgs tren M.W.F..12 weeks
    100 mgs masteron M.W.F...weeks 4-10
    2.5 mgs letrozole EOD...weeks 2-14

    clomid weeks 14-16
    HCG weeks 12-14

    competed for 8 years as a middle weight and as a light heavy....eating about 400 grams protein 600 grams carbs and 30 grams 2 a day 3 on 1 off...3 days of cardio 20 minutes each time..random speeds through out the session.....

    feed back welcome...thanks
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    I never got insane pumps or anything. I just got real hungery. I think I lost some fat-But hard to say I was doing a lot of different things so IGF was not the only change.

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      adding BW made it more painful for me.
      I added BW just to push it thru pin....

      Near the end of week one, I was getting the most incredible pumps ever. I mean HUGE , skin splitting pumps. Everyone Ive seen use the stuff reported the same thing. I didnt get any increase in appetite, or in strength, but I did feel pumped 24/7 and I did gain size. You could do just one inj PW, with a Carb drink and protien .
      I think the most important ingrediant to successful use of IGF1 is high calories! big Protein and Big Carbs with iGF will surely yeild results..

      My 2cnd IGF cycle didnt compare to the first.....
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