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    I am putting together an economical cycle to gain some mass, and cut up a bit. I'm currently running Test Prop @ 150mg EOD and Tren Ace @ 75mg EOD. Starting next week I'm going to be running the following:

    1-6 100mg Test Prop EOD
    1-14 Test Enanthate @ 600mg EW

    I was thinking about making some home brew tren and adding that to the stack @ about 100mg EOD Weeks 4-14...The main goal is to keep cost down as I'm pretty broke right now.

    I have all the ancillaries Femara @ 1.25 EOD or E3D, Nolva for PCT.

    Any suggestions to make the most of my cycle?

    My goal is to be about 190lbs while dropping about 3-4% BF in the next few months. I'm at 187lbs right now @ 11.5-12%bf
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    Get that tren in there bro. Sure an all test cycle is fun....
    Please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes