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    I took your all's advice and bumped my clomid up to 100mgs/day and started taking tribulus 3 pills a day ...something like 1.8 grams. I know it takes a couple weeks for that to kick in so I'm hoping time will pass quickly with this. In a week or so, I expect my boys to start pumping out the test again. In the mean time, I'm hitting the gym as usual and eating the same 4,500 cals/day. I've actually lost 6 or 7 pounds since coming off and my stamina during sets is bad. But, I'm still stronger and heavier than before this cycle so I'm happy. I'll have to keep you guys posted with things. Thanks for all the advices in my earlier thread!

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    Good luck with that and congrats on your gains for this cycle.
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      Thanks bro


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        Yeah, good luck bro...coming off sucks for me and its usually 4-5 weeks before I even feel like getting some or rubbing one. Nature of the beast, I guess. Hopefully it works out real soon..I know how you feel.

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          Yeah-Coming off sucks-But sooner or later it has to happen. Later for me but not to much.

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            I miss the fullness I had while on the most. I'm giving it a few months, then I'm planning to jump on some test, tren, winny, and var for the summer.