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Can blood work also be used as a barometer to see how good the quality of the brand

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  • Can blood work also be used as a barometer to see how good the quality of the brand

    of testostrone i,m using??My last blood test was when i was on a US pharmacy testostrone--1 g wkly--and my testostrone blood levels were 3400.--so that was good stuff!
    I,m on different test now and so if i get back again super high testostrone levels can i assume this gear is also good stuff?
    also,this time i,m stacking with fina-dbol--will this affect my t-levels??

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    I don't think so-Not if you are injecting Test.

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      Tugs....I would think that the blood work would not be able to determine the absolute quality of the will only detect the amount of test in the blood.

      However, if the test you are using has been "cut" you may see a lower testosterone value on the blood work.

      Keep in mind our hormone levels do fluctuate a good bit...whenever you have blood work done make sure you have it done at the same time of day and that all other aspects of your lifestyle are as consistent as possible so the testing will hopefully be more consistent as well.

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        yea i got that--i know that by the blood test i wont be able to see if its 200mgs/ml like its claimed to be--but,if my levels are up again like last time--3400--than i,ll know its good stuff anyway.