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  • Gyno/Puberty

    What, if anything can be done to get rid of or help alleviate some gyno thats present from puberty? Is surgery an only option or is something else available? If not, could this type of procedure be covered by insurance? Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

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    As far as I know insurance companies always consider it to be cosmetic could check with them or a doctor.
    I believe once it's there surgery is the only option, but I'm going to follow this thread and see if anyone has any other ideas.
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      hmm.. If you are troubled by them, hurts ect. then insurance compaines should pay for it, Can't see someother way to get rid of gyno.


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        I had puberty gyno but have had no probs with gear. And don't feel it anymore

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          puberty gyno can disappear so I've heard....


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            If it causes pain insurance should cover it, mine did back in '95.
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              I always heard puberty gyno goes away.
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                Not always...haven't you've seen those extreme cases on gyno websites...definitely not gear related and those dudes have like a c or d joke.

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