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  • Sterilizing gear

    Bro's, what is the best way to sterilize underground gear (oils) ensuring no microbial contamination ?

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    bake it, that should help.
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      Well....filtering it with .22 micron filter and making sure there is BA in it. lol. Also baking it should kill most of the bacteria...just make sure that you don't bake it too long (or too hot) depending on the compound. It can damage the hormone if its too hot.
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        Here's some basic info:

        Unless you autoclave, you won't kill "all" microbial contamination.

        Using a 0.45um will get all bad bacteria we are concerned with out.

        Using a 0.22um will get more out but you can't get "everything" through these filters, only some stuff. I use a 0.22 to make bacteriostatic water.

        It's my understanding that it's the baking/cooling action that kills some bacteria (not all). I bake in preheated oven at 250F for 15 min, remove and let cool for 10 min, repeat 2 more times. This must be considered an "added" process not a sterilization process.

        NEVER BAKE WATER-BASED products - EOD!

        It's also my undertanding that once a steroid is put into an oil-based solution, it's the destruction temperature of the "oil" to be concerned with more than that of the gear. Baking at 250F should be a safe bet for all oil or PEG based gear.

        BA DOES NOT STERILIZE. It prevents bacteria from growing/forming.

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          What do you guys think about exposing the gear to Ultraviolet -C light?? It is the best sterilizing agent known to man kind (hospitals use UV-C to sterilize bedding and surgical tools).

          Think the UV-C rays would damage the hormone??

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            Thanks guys, I appreciate the info - oven baking was what I was thinking, but was not sure of the time.Work in a hospital, but am sure that somebody would be pissed if I placed my stash in the instrument autoclave!