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Fina problem..,

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  • Fina problem..,

    after filtering and baking theres a tiny thin reddish layer on the bottom and vey cloudy--what is it?what can i do?

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    How tiny-I get a very thin reddish swirl at the bottom. I just shoot it. But mine is not cloudy.

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      Tugs..I would re filter it with a syringe filter (Whatman) just to be safe......
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        I believe the cloud is the tren that isnt in suspension. I heat mine and it turns clear, a few days later, especially if the temp is cool,, it re appears. Ive used a 18g to draw out all but the sludge looking stuff, and put the clear oil i another vial. Now I have about 20ml of the dark stuff....maybe its super concentrated....hmmm I think I'll just keep it for awhile....

        Im not positive but if you heat ir and it turns clear, its probably ok to use it while in the clear state....I do.
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          i just had that same problem...what i ended up doing was refiltering it a 4th time and it is golden good ...use a new filter i did and that did the trick
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            If it's not suspending then you need to add a little more solvent.

            If it's turning clear when heating that is probably the case. It sounds like it's crashing...what's the concentration?
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