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Question about Calipers???????

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  • Question about Calipers???????

    First off, I wanted to introduce myself being new to this board. I just started working out/changing my life style and came across your board. I am 26, height of 5'10 and weight 182(no laughing). Anyway I just started weight training about 2 months ago. I use to weight 205 in Sept of last year and trimmed down by cardio and diet. Now I am looking to grow in strength as well as lose BF.

    I was looking to buy a Caliper to keep track of my BF. I was wondering if anyone know of any good ones that don't run $400+? As I said I am new to the world of working out and would listen to any advise on these.

    How many points should I test?
    I see some show testing in 3 points while others say they are made to test 7 points. Are some Caliper actually made to test a different number of points or can all Caliper be used for as many points as you would like?
    Digital ones verse doing the conversions myself? Which is more accurate?
    Anything else I maybe overlooking....

    Thanks again for any help.

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    John Parrillo sells a kit thats inexpensive... at parillo performance (.com?)
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