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  • Blank pages??

    Are you guys having problems with blank or white pages coming up and then you have to reload the page?

    I am having this problem frequently but more often when sending PMs. I am wondering if it happening on both skins or just the new one that I am using.



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    yes I get it frequently.
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      working fine over here


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        I haven't had that problem.

        Someone must have added some other coding though - that wasn't there before.

        I'm a multi-tasker and have no less than 3 browser windows open at any given time. When I open a page at IM, I'll go to PM and read, then come back. Well, the IM page now "takes priority" upon load completion and opens on top of other windows. A real pain in the ass if I'm typing something when it happens.

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          get it all the time


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            Get it on occasion, but I just hit refresh (or back) and its fine.

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              I get it regularly.
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                I get it frequently.

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                  Get it all the time. I posted something of this in the thread where you asked if the speed of the site, etc. was fine. So for me, it's been going on since I've been a member.

                  And it usually happens if you click on something on the main page like a forum, or a "newist" reply, etc.
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                    I'm checking exactly why this happens guys. Hold tight. Some people get it, others don't. Strange thing.


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                      IM^ - I'm not getting here, I'm using the default skin and Netscape browser. Don't know if that gives you any ideas.


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                        IM^ are you using netscape or Mozilla?
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                          See, now I don't have any problems at all on this computer at work on the weekends. When I am at home, the blank pages are all over the place. Hmm.....

                          If anyone can figure it out, it is IM^.



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                            Happens to me very frequently.....

                            Heres is all the info I can tell you....

                            I am using IE 6 SP1.

                            It has nothing to do with my cookie settings because I have tried changing them and it didn't make a difference....

                            It happens to me on this board and on WCBB which is a new board as well....... BUT..... It doesn't happen on FG which is an older board.....

                            Sooooo...... You may want to see if WCBB is running the same version as here, but different from FG.... Maybe it is a bug in the version of V-bulletin.... If I were you I would look for a hack to fix it at
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