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Do you use one type of protein?

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  • Do you use one type of protein?

    Just curious if most people use one type of protein of more than one.

    I usually use a whey concentrate for all of my protein drinks. I just bought some whey isolate and I really like that.

    I just went back through an old supplement book and got reading about caseinate protein. I know this type of protein breaks down slower and therefore is absorbed by the body over a longer period of time. Which says to me it's a perfect bedtime drink.

    What's everyones thoughts on this??

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    I followed skip's advice.

    I'm gonna use a combo of whey, egg white, and soy protein for a pre-workout shake.

    For post, the isolate.
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      I only use a shake for PWO. I always eat a solid meal before bed cause liquids are broken down quicker by the body than solids.
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        I ate different shakes for diff occasions. Following skips advice. When bulking I eat one right before bed-and at breakfast. These are both blends-fast and slow protien mixed with healthy fat. Then a very fast protien pw.

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          For Post Workout and throught the day, I use Ion Exchange whey from, then my last shake right before bed I use a 33% Blend of the Following Three, Calcium Casenate, Micellar Casein, and Milk Protein Isolate, aso blended by


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            How important is drinking a protien shake before bed??


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              I use a mix of whey concentrate and isolate. I avoid soy protein due to trying the blood type diet and all types of soy are bad for people with my blood type (at least that's what the book says).
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                the protein I do use especially for post workout is allthewhey cause its tasteless so I can easliy mix it with my grape juice and have protein plus carbs in one drink.


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                  I only use one type of protien... Low in carbs... I like to stick to just one thing, not only cause I'm dirt poor, but because I find my young body breaks it down well...
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                    I use egg and whey for the most part...I generally avoid soy products.

                    Guys that use soy, I would like to see the reasons you use it....I have always thought that soy increases estrogen levels.....but if anyone has any contradicting info I am all ears.
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                      I don't put much thought into it. I just make sure I get my 40-50 grams every 3 hours. I use whey isolate and MRPs for protein powders.


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                        I usually just use a whey isolate/concentrate's cheap and it works...when I get some money I'll try the different mixes for different times of the day.
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                          Originally posted by pumpseeker
                          I don't put much thought into it. I just make sure I get my 40-50 grams every 3 hours. I use whey isolate and MRPs for protein powders.
                          i never really did either, just tried to make sure i got enough protein each day. I'm just trying to learn more about eating properly and this clicked in my head the other day that it might be better to use different types.

                          I'm learning more and more about nutrition's gotta be my weak point.


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                            Originally posted by mark mcgwire
                            iI'm learning more and more about nutrition's gotta be my weak point.

                            Don't know why its taken so long, you've had access to a good teacher!
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                              I use a few different types

                              1. I use optimum nutrition 100 % whey mixed with a little calcium caseinate during the day

                              2. Post workout I use optimum nutrition 100 % whey, but I will be switching to a whey isolate soon...probably from True Protein.

                              3. Before bed I use a custom protein...50 % micellar casein, 30 % egg albumin , 20 % milk isolate. When I run out of this I'm going to get some more from True Protein, but I bought the stuff I currently have before I knew they existed.
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