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  • Cramping.......

    I'm telling you, this tren and clen is making me cramp like a mofo. I've upped the water, I guess I gotta get some potassium.

    Where do you pick yours up? Can you just get it from a place like GNC?
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    Animal told me that Taurine is lacking when on Clen. I use about 9g total through the day.

    A mod over at Got Fina (RIP) said that magnesium will help tren cramps. Be careful with this as it gave me the runny shits BAD - on very high dose!

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      hmmm wonder if the tren is my cramping problem lately. Got done tannig tonight at the gym and sat up in the bed to get out and both hams cramped right tight! Thought I was going to need the young girl up front to come help me get up.....she would have liked that since I was neked!
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        taurine helped me lots when i was taking clen. i was cramping bad, and within a few days of taurine it was gone.
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          I was having that problem a week ago, but added magnesium and calcium supps and have not had them since
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            I wa salways told when on fina,mgnesium is a must.1200 mgs pr day split up 2x(ea600). Always worked good for me.


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              Magnesium should be part of everyones daily intake. Without it, your muscles cannot relax. It is not recommended on an empty stomach though..cause you will be a very busy person
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                I may have to pick up some taurine as well as I my arms cramp (almost) everytime I raise and stretch them....wondering if its the tren too..?

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