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SYNTHETEK - New Sponsor!!

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  • SYNTHETEK - New Sponsor!!

    I just want to welcome SYNTHETEK to as one of our new sponsors.

    These guy's products are second to none and customer service is simply over the top. I can't say enough about Jason in sales as far as him working with me and my clients for quite some time now.

    Check out their site and their kick ass products. You won't be disappointed.


    Facebook: Skip Hill
    Instagram: @intensemuscle
    YouTube: TEAMSKIP
    TikTok: @intensemuscle

    For Training Inquiries: [email protected]

    Use discount code "SKIP" and get your TEAM SKIP protein here:

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    Ive used a couple of their products as well and I was real happy with them. Never had a problem w/ receiving my order either as everything was received within a week. Nice addition to the board..

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      Im looking forward to trying there stuff. Ive heard great reviews and Im glad to see them here as a sponsor. A reputable company with great products always makes a great sponsor!
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        Heard nothing but good things. I'd like to try 'em out too.
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          I have heard nothing but positive feedback about synthetek and am going to try their products.
          [email protected]

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            Originally posted by Shredz
            Do they ship to Canada???
            shredz - hit their site, it looks like they do!!


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              On a few of there products right now

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