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Strength does not equal mass???

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  • Strength does not equal mass???

    Its starting to piss me off....I keep getting stronger in all my lifts but I'm not really getting much bigger. I 've been on about 150mg eod of Test Prop and 75mg eod of Tren.

    I can bench about 320lbs, Row 300lbs for about 6 good reps, Dead Lift about 450lbs, Squat about the same, Shrug about 450+lbs for about 6 reps....yet I only weigh about 187lbs at 5'9 ~12%bf...I've been gaining roughly 2lbs per week for the last 2 1/2 weeks or so, but it seems like I just get stuck at a certain weight and can't get past it. I haven't been able to get over 192 lbs.

    I consume between 3.5k-4k calories per day....I'm getting probably 250g protein per day. Any suggestions on building more mass....diets, training, etc?
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    I'll bump this up for ya


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      I'd increase your protein (300-400g) if your consuming 4k calories/day. Also, make sure your getting at least 8hrs of sleep to grow.

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        how about your reps and sets???


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          Bigger, if you ain't growing you ain't eating enough. Plain and simple. 450g protein, 4500 - 5000 calories now! More if necessary.
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            BS - I feel for you...that many calories and you're having trouble gaining weight. I'm with LA, I'd try increasing the calories & protein and give yourself a few weeks and see where that takes you. After you a few weeks you can take another plan of attack if that doesn't work.


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              Yeah, I was just going to say if youre hitting a standstill, Id imagine you would have to up your cals and eat more. DC said something in his Dogg Pound about adding some Olive Oil to your shakes...Probably worth looking into, bro...Good Luck..

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                If your sleep deprived that will also cause the plateau SO make sure your gettin 8 HOURS a night.
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                  remember not all the weight you gained in the beginning was muscle- there is some water in there too. Just put more lbs on the bar-and more protien on the plate and the rest will take care of itself.

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