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    Originally posted by TLopez View Post
    So you've been on IM for 3 years and this is your 1st post. I would respect it more if you posted a vid showing how bad ass you are.

    1st post hall of shame.

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      Reviving an older thread...

      I don't have any video of my workouts for reps that are recent. For reps, all I really have is a short training video from 8/2013 working up to a couple of doubles. I don't even remember the weight being lifted in any of the sets. I was lifting 600ish for doubles back then in training, but trying to make out the weights on the bar in the video don't seem to make much sense. At this time I was competing @ 242 in the M1 class.


      For a single, here is a 645 pull just this past December. Weighed in at this charity event @ 215. Felt I could have pulled a 700 afterward. Leading into this event I hadn't pulled heavy in quite some time since my concentration for the past few months is leaning out. Had no idea what to expect going into this event, so I opened with a 545, 605 second, and triple body weight 645 for my third.

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