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If time and money were not.....

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  • If time and money were not.....

    an issue...what would you do everyday?
    Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN

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    I would start my day at the gym if for no other reason that it makes me feel good for the rest of the day. I would then have a chef prepare all my meals that matched my goals at the time. I would have an in-house nurse to take care of all injects on my animals. I would also have a prolevel trainer, even though competing isn't my goal. I would go to the beach, cruise the river in a boat. Ride down the coat on the motorcycle.

    I would definitely have a sweet routine in place. Maybe fly to Cancun for my cardio on the beach. That is if money wasn't an issue.
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      Buy me a nice car to cruise around all day long, buy me a gym, so I can train whenever I feel for it. then a big house with a big nice pool and a chef so I don't have to worry about meals and such... and travel alot.


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        Well, I would get all the material things that are pretty obvious anyway.
        i would open a gym right on the beach here...just like Venice Beach baby!!
        I would be most interested in opening clinics all around the US, and the world really. Cure all of infectious disease, cancer and AIDS. I would do studies on those entities using holistic therapies and publish the results in every major newspaper.The way I see it that is the only way our medicine will ever change....educate John Q. Citizen and they will demand these therapies from the entrenched medical establishment. I would do the very same thing with women and men.
        I would have a bad ass drag car and go all over the US competing in the NHRA and IHRA...sponsored by my clinics of course...a great way to meet people and promote ideas on a national scale.
        And of course I would settle down with a hottie and enjoy the finer things in life too.
        That would be cool. Very cool indeed.
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          I think Id play alot of golf and maybe visit the game of the week during the college football season.

          I might also have a class for those in the media/Senate/Congress to learn about AAS...

          "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a pussy."

          "Carry 24/7 or guess right."

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            I've pondered this question many a time....

            I'd just enjoy life and never work for anyone else again! Oh, and I'd make Shaq's house look like a "shack".


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              I would be doing pretty much what I'm doing now minus the job.
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                I would have some friends
                If I replyed to this thread it most likely will die

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                  Originally posted by saks
                  I would have some friends
                  LOL !!!... you sad sad clown

                  If I had time and $$$, I'd buy a small Island, get married on it, then build a small house with a shitload of dirtbikes and boats
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                    I might actually get laid for once.

                    And then, just live someplace like Hawaii and just kick it at the beach all day and night.
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                      I won't lie - I would do what I am doing now but I would get a maid to pick up the damned house and make dinner so I didn't have to do it myself.

                      Other than that, I am pretty content (and fortunate).


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