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  • bad start to the day

    well I started my mornning cardio on the cross trainer machines today before breadfast so got up at 5AM drove to the gym and they didnt have any free to use. Now I understand first come first serve but the ONLY HAVE 2 OF THEM! but about 15 stair steppers that nobody ever uses. pissed me off to no end. the two people that were useing them are just fucking around. how can you run a gym these days and only have 2 cross trainers? It gets better then ALLWAYS have it on CNN. yea thats something I like to keep me going at 5AM.

    So I just say I will just walk on the treadmill to they finnish YEA RIGHT the pice of shit treadmills after taking 10min to try and get the damn thing started I mean it asked you to log in all this info before you can even get started. JUST START DAMN IT! I get it started and its dosnt even more. I had to raise it to 3.6mph to even get the damn things going then it locks up on me.

    Well about 30 min of this bullshit has passed and I lost it through my water across the gym,.the guy behind the counter says hey man kool down so I tell him up one side and down another and back home I come.

    cant wait to go back when the owner is there at 10AM for shoulders. I am planing on giving him a pice of my mine to,.

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    Yikes, Sorry to hear that ~ I know the feeling. Our gym's not that well equipped with "good" cardio machines; not the one's I LIKE LOL....but they have a lot of these updated precors....I'm not fond of the angle of 'em...I don't know what it is exactly, but it feels like my body's leaning way too far forward ~ wierd.

    Anyway, I hope the rest of your day is much better ~

    Lift light and ya never get tight ~


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      that sucks bro, and to top it off, it's MONDAY!!!

      "Well done is better than well said"



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        Terrible story... and this is why I workout at home... ... Everythings always free to me... ... It just took me a few years to save up enough $ to buy it all
        Pain is weakness leaving the body...