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  • Retirement rumble

    on the local news,

    a retirement community was meeting to discuss some changes their developer was making concerning the homeowners rules and regulations. The developer himself showed up at the community hall where the meeting was being held. Several people asked him to leave as this was a closed meeting of homeonwers. He refused t leave. One man 78 y/o, grabben him and started choking him. Another man, 82 y/o, picked up a chair and hit the devolper in the head. Both men were arested on aggravated assault charges. When asked about the situation the 82 y/o man said,"they put me in an orange jump suit with shackles, the took my underwear, I didnt know you couldnt wera your underwear, Ive never been to jail before, how was i supposed to know you can wear your underwear, Ive never heard of such a thing!"
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    Old buzzards were stomping some azzzzzzz!!!

    And I can understand why. I frequently have to deal with developers with my job.....99% of em are liars, cheaters and thieves.
    They promise landowners and homebuyers the world and usually don't deliver.
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