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what cha' all doing..........

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  • what cha' all doing..........

    this weekend? anything extra exciting. or just kickin it?
    I have my 13 yo this weekend and he likes to workout with me both days...then I kinda leave it up to him...
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    I will be working all weekend. Not because I have to, because I want to make sure things are done right.
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      my dads birthday so I'm gonna visit him tomorrow


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        We have our first big Drag race of the car is being painted so I won't be competing, but I will be there regardless.

        The track is about 3 miles from where I was working today....I could here some of them making test runs through the day....killin me.
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          Not doing anything spectacular...going to go take a look at the house (still under construction/closing next month) and thats about it.

          The wife and I had some quality alone time last night as the kids stayed at the grandparents and we got a room...definitely a good night and really needed.

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            Looks like we're going to go ridin' today and probably go spend time with Robert's family ~ he's Italian and his family's always cookin' something good ~ actually his sister

            I'm Italian and I hate to cook LOL...

            Other than ridin today; probably just chillin' ~ as usual ~

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