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  • What if....(moving)

    Say you had to pick up and move and start all over (meaning new job and everything), I guess you keep the family, lol.

    Where would you move to? Your choice, anywhere. First inside of the US (If you're of Canada, anywhere inside Canada)? Then anywhere in the world.

    For me I'd be moving from the bay area, Cali. I'd move to So Cal. Probably Pasadena or something. I love it down there.

    Then for anywhere in the world...let's see...probably Europe somewhere. Maybe Germany. I dunno?
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    id go to montana. i dont know why but it seems like a great place to me. maybe i have the wrong idea but what the hell, here i come montana.

    anywhere in the world id either move to mexico probably guadalajara or to italy


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      Underground is the best choice!


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        I always have two answers to questions like these:

        If I am still bodybuilding: I would probably stay in Colorado but if I HAD to move, I would like to try Arizona or Northern California.

        If I could be a diner-eating, beer-drinking nobody: A small town of about 3k or so in western Colorado or a small town in the south. You know the ones - one church, 3 bars, mom and pop grocery stores, and a LONG porch on the front of the house to sit in a swing and drink cheap beer from a can while the kids run around the MASSIVE country yard that I have.



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          Let me think about this one, Florida is pretty nice, so it would be hard to leave.

          San Diego, CA is nice, I've been there before.

          outside the US, I would have to go with Bora Bora!!
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            Id probably have to go with a place out west (west of me anyway) like Nevada/Arizona/Colorado and give that a whirl.

            Was pretty close to packing it up and moving to DC here a few months ago, which would have been a pretty big change.

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              That would be tough...I really like coastal NC.

              if I had to move i would hope to be in Savannah GA or Charleston SC. Coastal Fla would be okay too.

              Internationally.....Mexico, preferably on the coast. Caribbean would be nice too.
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                Since I'm not American I choose to pick a country in Sweden instead of US. Then I would move to our capital city..

                Then outside I choose New York or maybe California.