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  • GerryT

    Was talking to Capriese Murray today about curtis he thinks it time to shake things up a bit. . I talked to curtis and looks like at next years nationals curtis will be a HW and at the top of the class at that. curtis is allways ready at 220lbs but has to starve himself to make weight and some of the judges were saying how it shows on stage. I just wanted to get your thoughts on this. keep making a name in the LHW or shake things up in the HW

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    Sorry, bro. Have been off line quite a bit and just saw this.

    First of all, Curtis was flat out robbed at Nationals. Roc looked like he deserved
    the win, but CB should have 2nd or 3rd at worst.

    Based on his height and structure, I think he would make a good HW. He should not have to starve himself to make weight. That seems counterproductive.

    I would try competing as a HW in a show like Jr Nats or N American, and then proceed to Nationals (who knows, could turn pro by winning overall at N American) . Right now, there are not a lot of outstanding HWs, so CB could really shake things up.

    Lots of luck to him whatever he decides.