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Anadrol, tell us about Sweden....

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  • Anadrol, tell us about Sweden....

    You're our Euro guy man. Tell us about Sweden. What kind of things are legal there that may not ne in the US? Are all the women over there big-breasted, tall, blondes....or is that Holland I'm thinking of? lol

    I've been to Switzerland. Stayed for a few days and nights in Zurich, but most of my time there was spent in a small farming town at that lake that is between them and Germany.

    Went to Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein (sp?) while I was there too. Truly gods country if you ask me. Europe is lovely.

    Tell us about your country. Or even surronding countries.
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    hmm.. well where shall I start, Legal hmm.. not guns anyway lol, not gear, prohormones either

    The girls are pretty nice, some are blonde, some are brunettes,some are big-breasted, some are small-breasted. it's all good

    We get our drivers licence when we're 18, It's legal to drink alcohol when we're 18 too(bars etc.), but we got monopoly on alcohol, so we got to go to a place called Systembolaget if we wanna shop alcohol, and there you gotta be 20 yrs old... sucks yeah I know. but that is gonna change in the near future...

    anything else?


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      Do you travel to other countries often?

      You see here in California, the state is as big as countries in Europe. It's tough to trave by car from where I come from. I remember when in Switzerland we'd drive like 3 hours and go through 3 countries.

      3 hours here wont even get you to Nevada, lol
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        yeah I know... The states(east to west) are 2 times Sweden(north to south)

        Sometimes I travel, I've been in Greece a couple of times, Spain 2 times, Denmark like 20 times and some other countries, and travel by car just through Germany and France.


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          Where is amsterdam? Have you been?
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            nope, That's in Holland.. maybe someday though, lol