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MY RANT of the nationals

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  • MY RANT of the nationals

    Ok short and sweet curtis got 6th place LHW class. why did he miss top 5? The NPC wants peter parker out and are looking to replace him with eric hilman who suports VA and NC guys. peter parker has a case of the ass about this so he places curtis 14th place and that was the low score that keep him out of the top 5 again.

    But what can you do? just plug away and go back next year.

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    photos dont lie. I would like to know how this guy keep beating curtis and I am 100% postive he doesnt even weight in because he is my hight 6' and there is just no way he is under 198


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      How did he end up with the cramping issue??

      I was disappointed when I saw that he didn't make the top 5 last night when I posted the results.


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        No cramping at all.

        Funny though he took some daizied and wasnt pissing at all on sat. I think you are right skip its time to bump up his water program


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          Total BS, PUMPED. CB looked on to me. If one judge is that far out of line, that should have been investigated. Others must have had him in top 5. Need to have a system where highest and lowest scores are thrown out.

          And this year, lhw class was not as strong as last year's. Outside of Shabazz,
          I was not that impressed with the others. On a level playing field, CB should have been 2nd at worst.

          Galls me when athletes work so hard and get screwed over. Instead of winning over new fans, this just antagonizes the current ones.


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            The biggest problem I have with the NPC is that their damn site is down more often than it is up.
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