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Speed of the site and fixing it.

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  • Speed of the site and fixing it.

    As of today I have noticed the main page is a lot slower loading.

    I can load the main forums index in about 1.2 seconds, but the main page takes a good 5 seconds to load.

    Which tells me, you just have a shit load on the main page, either the platform your site is running on is not powerful enough to handle the number of transactions it requires, which I don't think is the problem since you can access all other pages failry quickly, seems to be just the main page.

    Or you are putting to many requests in to the database for info, and that right there is the bottleneck for the main page.

    I think to help optimize the main page, you need to clean up the main page index, like sponsor forums, needs to be just one link, then sub link those in another forum.

    Limit the number of users listed as active or currently online on the main index page. Other forums generally have a list function, so say after showing the first 20 or 40 people it puts a ... link at the end of the list you can browse to in order to load the entire results.

    Next the banner, could be optimized because it right now is 170k and althought thats not much, its is to slower connections, and slicing the image, and compressing certain parts of it would decrease the banners total size, therefore decreasing the wait time to load it.

    Next, suggestion to speed the site up is to limit the size of images people use for avatars. I am talking KB here, like 10k. Because loading a thread from dialup on my laptop is a bitch when someone has a big ass avatar image.

    Well thats my ideas, hope they help, and if you need any help on this let me know.

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    Official Web Designer of :peace:

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      Winnie is working on something over the past few days but I will definately let him know that you posted this.


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        Good info creator....
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