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    I am going to be writing some grants for work. Anyone have any good sites to help me out? This is new to me. I have written proposals when I was at FSU but this is a tad different. Any tips and or sites would be appreciated.

    ...and I am loving my job!
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    There are several different levels of grants - some being quite simple (Department of Justice) - while others are super complex (USAID). It would help to know who your funding agency is - and if they are federal - what title are they?? Title IV, V??

    This is important because each funding agency has thier own method and grant components they like bidders to use. You can't submit the same style grant to the UN as you could to the IMF - for example.

    The content of a good grant would look like thus:
    1. Cover Letter
    2. Title Page
    3. Table of Contents
    4. Summary
    5. Introduction
    6. Statement of Need
    7. Goals and Objectives
    8. Methodology and Timetable
    9. Evaluation
    10. Line-Item Budget with Narrative
    11. Appendix

    I can go into more detail for you if you would like. I'm sure there are tons of websites out there dealing with grant writing - sorry I havn't perused the internet on this topic in years - though I have written a lot of grants.

    Let me know and I can continue on examples of each of the above along with some samples of recent grants I have written.

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      Continue away. These grants will be to raise monies for the autism center. I am "lucky" enough to get the job since I have written proposals before.
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        I haven't forgotten you bro - give me a day or two...busy as hell right now at work...I'll return with some examples and explanations/guidelines I use when I facilitate grant writing workshops....
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          No problem. Thanks!
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            Good luck with the grant writing; sounds like it's for a good cause!!
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