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  • Attention PC techies!

    What is the best anti-virus software and anti-hacker/spy software for PC's?

    Any and all input and elaboration appreciated.

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    I've never had a problem w/ Norton's Software...are you looking for freeware?
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      Spy Bot Seek and Destroy is a good spy ware scanner that's free.

      Zone Alarm has a decent software firewall for free and a pay version on their site that's not bad. The best firewall would be a router with stateful packet inspection and a software firewall for backup.

      Norton anti-virus software is hard to beat. We use a company called Sophos at work, but I've had some problems with it sucking all my system resources.


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        Norton Anti-virus is arguably the best software you can buy.

        Ad-aware and Spybot are very good for spyware.


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          I have Norton Internet Security. You can get the upgrade version for about $39 through their website. I like it. It takes care of spyware etc. as well.
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            Go with Spy Bot for your spyware and try

            AVG Anti-Virus, its a far better virus scanner then norton.

            Reasons being, it doesn't suck up as much system resources as norton, its freeware, and they offer it free because the company makes their money from the enterprise network virus scanner editions.
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              Thanks, everybody. Much appreciated.
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                I have AntiVir now. It's also free, and it does detect viruses better than Norton and doesn't nearly take up as much memory to run.

                The only downside is, internet updates you have to run manually.