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  • here's an ATTA- BOY

    Ive been reading thru the "Preventative Measures-health news" forum, and I must say ..GREAT JOB TO SUPERSPORT AND EVEYONE ELSE THAT HAS CONTRIBUTED!

    My wife is and elmentary PE Coach and emphesize health and fitness over competetive play with her kids.. the thought being the kids that are competetive will be playing little league soccer etc... but the fat little non athletics kids will never learn to like exercise and fitness if it means competeing with the more atheletic kids. She actually has a fitness circuit she runs the kids thru consisting of 3 eliptical trainers. 3 glider rider type machines, chin staion, dip station, 2 ab rollers 2 tread mills and several agility stations she created.. The kids love it as she makes it more of a game. Her biggest reward is when that fat little clutsy kid looks up at her and says "I love PE" The kids actually prefer the fitness stations to basketball soccer and the other sports she teaches them..

    She also is trying to passively get the fat ass teachers involved in dietasry awareness and some form of exercise..not so successful there though.

    Many of the articles in the "Preventative Measures-health news" forum have been used by my wife in her news letters to teachers as well as parents. such as the asthema, ADD/ADHD and diatbetes threads served her very well.

    Very good stuff in there. Keep up the good work people!!

    If any of you havent read thru the forum ---I highly reccomend it to you..
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    I went through a lot of those articles this morning and found several that will help me through the next few weeks. Very informative stuff there.
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