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    This guy comes to my office on crutches and tells me he's a powerlifter going to the paraolympics held after the olympics in Greece. I'm waiting for the 'give me money' pitch which is quite typical in these parts. Not to sound cruel, but I deal in the world daily and have a bit of compassion fatigue. Welp - the guys just floors me by asking if I could help him buy some food and vitamins. He was preparing for Greece and couldn't afford enough food to increase his bench. He wanted some protein food and vitamins. I could've cried.

    He went to Australia four years ago representing Turkmenistan as a powerlifter in the paraolympics. What set the guy apart was during their parade through the stadium, this guy drops his crutches and walked the entire parade around the track on his hands. He got a standing ovation and was an instant hero. You can see the story on the certificate photo (sorry can't make bigger).

    Welp - he goes to Greece this year and does the same trick. He drops his crutches and begins to walk the 440 on his hands. Towards the end he fell and broke his leg. I have the photo somewhere in my office of him being laid on the bench press and his leg is at a 180 degree angle with his knee facing backwards. The guys did his lift with a broken leg in excrutiating pain. (Damn - can't find the photo - this would freak you out).

    Anyways, the guy is a real inspiration. He comes by and asks for food now and again and I though I would share this story on Turkmenistan Independence Day.

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    Thanks for this great post !
    Stay Hard and Get Huge !

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      WOW!! And our excuses why we can't push harder are what? Thanks for the post BigDan! And Happy Turkmenistan Independence Day!
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        Very inspirational!!
        "Well done is better than well said"



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          Very cool, thanks for sharing.