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steroid precursors now illegal

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  • steroid precursors now illegal

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    Precursors now illegal..great..I am a drug addict according to the US government officials - whom smoke and drink to their hearts delight as they push ritalin on our children.

    arrr!! :angry:
    The King of Average Women

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    You damn cheating junkie, pushing that crap on innocent adults who only want to better their physiques.
    What are you thinking. You're no better than a protein pusher, carb dealer, creatine crackhead.
    For shame, for shame!
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    Obesity related illness will account for more than 1/2 of all health care costs in the next few years.
    So why is the damn government waging war on the FITNESS Industry??
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    Because, then you're a mile away, AND you've got their shoes"


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      Fortunately, I live where steroids are purchased OTC and are quite legal...But if wanna buy some CO2 dude....perpetual pump man....eight hour pump.....
      The King of Average Women


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        i am so grateful that we dont have that kind of problem here in Brazil !
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          Originally posted by Hanuman
          i am so grateful that we dont have that kind of problem here in Brazil !

          Only in America my friend!
          Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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            yea only in america
            only in america is everything ass backwards
            land of oppertunity, yea if ure a politician or theif or foreigner who wants a free education, ok im done i dont wanna start a war on here
            i always agree with what i say


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              Welcome to America, home of the steadily increasing imprisonment of decent people. It's the land of the free unless you are American.
              "Well done is better than well said"



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                A-FUCKING-MEN...ok yeah I am cutting back on the swearing but some of this political garbage is burning me up!
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                  This issue is absolute political expediency designed to make Biden and others look like they are advancing on the War on Drugs. I like reading Romano's articles in MD on this issue.

                  I was in the States recently, and all my former buddies are into meth...this shit is so widely available and cheap and easy to manufacture that its scary...Couple days without sleep makes a perfectly friendly normal dude a paranoid and dangerous individual...But, lets stop people from abusing some andro cream for goodness sakes.

                  What horseshit this is....what next?? Creatine??
                  The King of Average Women