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    I went to see THe grudge on sat. night. Thought it was going to be a great movies to see just before halloween.

    Well in my opinion I give it 3 stars out of 10. Reason being, 1 it made me jump a few times, the chick crawling down the stairs was cool to see, and the cat kid was funny to see during the elevator scene.

    Other then that I came out of the movie feeling dissapointed. I felt this move was a bit of a rip form the ring, and I found the ring a much better movie with a better story line.

    This movie's story line was dry, it was predictable, at times made no sense, and the ending was your typical "I know what you did last summer" ending, dammit!.

    Lets hope SAW will be a better movie to see next sat. before halloween.
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    Thanks Creator! With as much as movies cost anymore, I HATE wasting money on a stinker!
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      I still gotta see it. The Saw on the other hand I will wait for dvd.
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