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  • Friday Night Lights

    Anyone go this see this movie yet? I saw it last night and have to say it was a good movie. It was a true story about a high school football team in Texas and their season in 1998.

    I know we've got some people from Tx here and I'm pretty sure high school football is a big deal there. I think they mentioned something 50,000+ for one of the games.

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    Mark...havent seen the movie but I read the book and heard good things about the movie. If I recall correctly, I read the book back in '95 and the book was about their season in '88. Amazing stuff there, particularly getting that many fans to a HS football game.

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      im waiting for my gurl to go see it
      but my cousin saw it and said its literally the best movie abt sports ever lol
      hard to believe but hey well see
      i always agree with what i say


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        FRK, that's exactly what we've heard from everybody who's seen it.
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          This movie was great! Brought back a lot of memories and was a tear-jerker at times. Tim McGraw was actually good in it, which I wasn't expecting. Much more stylized and cinematic than I expected also. The speech the coach gives during half-time of the championship game is amazing. Go see it if you get a chance.
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            I've been wanting to go see that one; just waiting for a free minute.
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