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  • cover!

    I have to send out my resume and it's been years since I've had to do this. i have the resume done but now need to draft a cover letter....I really do not even know where to begin! Anyone have any suggestions or samples they can email me? If so send to [email protected]
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    KR- what type of job is it for? You can try doing a search on sample coverletters as well.


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      KR, give me a day. I'll get a bunch of stuff together to send you. I went through the 10-month job hunt a little over a year ago and I've got some stuff I can share with you.

      In the mean time, if you want, look at this book called "Cover Letters that Knock 'Em Dead."

      and another book by the same author/publisher called "Resumes that Knock 'Em Dead."

      Both books are outstanding for what you're needing.
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        bel: its for a technical/networking position
        Mun: thanks man I'll be looking forward to it aand I'll check out those books.
        "...because I won't accept that I can't."

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          KR - I'm surprised that gay place you used to work for isn't offering you access to a job placement service that could help you with resume's and cover letters.


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            Bellina's right there a tons of examples all over the place on the net. Here's a couple.




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                Both of those books are great! I have them both myself. You can find great sample cover letters for free.

                Good luck KR!
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                  Checkout this site, from

                  There job board helped me get a lead to my current job as a network engineer.

                  Below is a link to cover letter howtos, top 10 things to not put in your cover letter and so on below.

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                    keep it simple man...the cover letter should give employers enough information to get them to look at your resume to get the details. A too detailed cover letter is a turn off for overworked HR guys who spend all day looking at cover letters and me - i do this as part of my duties....

                    Also - review the job description of the position and tailor your resume so that you are using the same buzz words and highlighting the skills they are looking word in my sphere is 'sustainable development'...all job description use this I also use this term in my cover letter and resume...that is only one example....they should read your resume and say 'damn - that sounds like the job description!'.....just be ready to clarify and justify everything verbally in an interview....good luck man...

                    Dear (name of person with power to hire you);
                    My name is __________ and I am writing to express my interest in the (state the position title) with (organization) as advertised in the (where advertised, if any)...

                    I have a Masters degree in Human Resource Development and have worked in international development for eight years. I am confident that my experience and background match the requirements for the position as stated in the job description..

                    (use this paragraph to outline your specific experience in general terms)

                    I want to thank you for your consideration and look forward to speaking with you further concerning the (state the position).

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                      Good Cover Dan
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                        KR -

                        I used to scan resumes into a system for an HR dept. I worked for several years ago. Dan's advice is very good. You definitely want to use key words. If you send your resume to one of these organizations that scans your resume, the program will pick up those key words & put them in a database for the recruiter to search. The recruiter will put in key words they're looking for & bam! candidates pop up.... and oh look there's KR's resume... wow what an impressive background! (hee hee... just had to throw that one in )

                        My advice is without being too wordy, use your cover letter as a summary of your resume. Use the key words like your degree, special skills you have, & years of experience.

                        Another tip, if your resume is more than one page then make sure you have your name on every sheet. I know when I had 200 resumes a day to scan they could easily get seperated.

                        Good luck!!
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                          thanks everyone for the input. Just got the 1st res & letter out the door.....and so it begins....
                          "...because I won't accept that I can't."

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                            best of luck KR!


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                              If you need any further help I still have my old cover letters. I was in the same career field.