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IronLife Online Magazine Issue 14, October 2004

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  • IronLife Online Magazine Issue 14, October 2004

    IronLife Online Magazine Issue 14, October 2004


    Bringing you a information packed issue and doing it the way it should be done FOR FREE! Special thanks to everyone that helped us put out this issue of the magazine. All your hard work and dedication is much appreciated!

    Mixed Martial Arts, Fighting Techniques & Training
    - MTG's Fighter Of The Month - Barinder Singh by Muay Thai Guy
    - Thomas Hytten Interview by Arne
    - Cage Rage 8 - Knights of the Octagon by Simon Rogg
    - MaxCondition The MMA Athlete! (Part 3) by Jamie Hale
    - Leaning Out For The Mixed Martial Artist (Part 2) by Jason Manwell
    - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue to Purple Belt Techniques (Part 3) Schlecht
    - Tactics V by Woody Long
    - The Genius of Randy Couture by Chris Diamond
    - Another Front by Bachir Ayoub
    - Searching for Wan Chai by Scott Mallon
    - Martial Arts Question of the Month by Sachet

    Bodybuilding, Training, Health & Nutrition
    - Mindi O'Brien's Road to the Fitness Olympia (Part 2)
    - SuperSport Interview On Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (Part 2) by Sachet
    - Interview with Female Bodybuilder, Pamela Howard by Fyre
    - How To Apply Testosterone Gels & Creams by John Crisler, DO
    - Keeping It Up (Part II) Winning The Post-Cycle Nutrition War by Maki Riddington
    - Fit After Forty by Tim Wescott
    - Bodybuilding Question of the Month by Sachet
    - IronLife Bodybuilding Tribute - Reg Park & Kay Baxter

    Sports, Entertainment & Stuff
    - Soup of the Month - Jessica Alba by Soup
    - Feature Model - Jana Cova by alien8r
    - Buying Your Gumshield, It’s More Important Than You Think by Scott Mallon
    - Matt Thornton's Functional JKD Series Two Review by Dagan Stafford
    - Helped a guy with TOURRETTE'S SYNDROME at my gym! by Victorian Guy

    Let us know what you think about the recent IronLife Online Magazine Issue 14, by clicking here.

    Click here if you are interested in helping out. We are always looking to add eager members to our staff of moderators, highlight makers, event reviewers, photographers, news team, writers and graphic designers. For more info click on the above hyperlink for more information and details. Take care and be safe.

    Dick Maximus, edouble & the staff at
    RIP - JDB 9/11/01 WTC

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    Thanks for dropping by edouble!
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      Welcome to IM Ironlife!
      [email protected]

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        Edouble, always good to see you, bro.


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          IronLife looks cool. Only had a chance to quickly browse it last night but it looks good.
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            Nice job once again, Ed....Good stuff, bro!

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              Welcome to IM!
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                ~shame less bump~
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                  Sweet! Thanks for the link. Free is nice.
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                    thanks, edouble.

                    By the way there is a very interesting interview there with our man SuperSport about Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI),.... check it out.

                    here is part 1: Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (Part 1)
                    here is part 2: SuperSport Interview On Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (Part 2)

                    There is also more info about the UBI in the health forum, here is one link: Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation
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