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  • Amazing-The Guy on Jeopardy-

    I really enjoy trivia I watch Jeopardy when I can squeeze it in. The most I have ever seen anyone win was about $65,000.

    They dropped their 5 day rule for repeat if you win, well you just keep going on until someone else wins.

    There is a guy on there now-Ken- who is just unbelievable. He has won around 50 times consecutively, and has a total of $1,843,100.00 as of his win tonite.

    This fellow must have a photographic memory or something.

    I found out last week how many shows he wins , including money, as I have some friends in the entertainment biz. The shows are taped btw.

    I won't reveal how many more shows he wins.....but suffice to say he is going to be on for a while longer, lol.

    If you get a chance check this guy out on's not everyday that you see someone with this guys knowledge.

    Speaking of photographic memory...I do recall that one of the most powerful elected polititians in US history, US Senator/Governor Huey Long, (aka the "Kingfish") did actually have a photographic memory.

    Supposedly he did not have much formal education, but studied law at Tulane for about a year and passed the Louisianna Bar exam with a near perfect score.

    He served Louisianna as Governor and US Senator concurrently.
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    It was actually leaked (or reported) about a month ago, which prompted me to stop watching the show as that completely blew it for me. Knowing how long/how much he wins kind of took the fun out of it for me as 'we' kept watching to see what he would do next, how much he would win, and how much he would destroy the other two people. Kind of disappointing that this info came out, but certainly doesnt take away from his accomplishments. Dude is amazing...

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      I've seen quite a bit of that guys reign over Jeopardy; that is one smart SOB!! It's almost scary for someone to know so much.
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        The dude is one smart machine!
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          Is he smart and functional or just smart?
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