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Christopher Reeves, R.I.P.

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  • Christopher Reeves, R.I.P.

    This was truly a shocker. I never expected such an early death from the Superman star. We have lost two great actors this week. Chris and Rodney Dangerfield. Two great actors that will be truly missed.

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    This one bothers me. What a shock....


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      R.I.P. Superman!
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        I agree with you guys ...what a shock and very sad to see. He was a great guy and an inspiration to alot of people.

        He was on a TV special as recently he started breathing on his own .

        What a classy guy...RIP.
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            I heard this on my way to work this morning. I actually felt a lump in my throat. He was very inspirational & did so much for spinal chord injury research. He will always be Superman.

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              What more can I add...He will definately be missed by many....Such a great story over the past 9 years...Truly an inspiration!
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                It's so sad to think SUPERMAN is gone. Christopher was such a great advocate for spinal cord injury research. He has left a substantial impact in so many ways.




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                  Such a loss! Though he was best known as Superman he left a huge impact and changed thinking in the area of spinal cord research and nerve damage/injuries. I believe this will be his true legacy. His drive and determination as well as pushing the boundaries on how much the body can endure and recover are what is truly inspiring. The man was much bigger than the role he played and in the end he really was a Superman.

                  Goodbye and thank you, Mr. Reeves!
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                    i just cant believe that hes really dead, its sad....R.I.P. SUPERMAN....
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                      OMG that is truely a shock he will be missed.



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