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    Happy Christmas People

    Here I am, 3 am, slightly or very tipsy. I started off tonight very melancholy, but have ended up fab. Combination of John Smiths and Scotch and coke. Or rather diet doctor peper. Worlds Strongest Man and Starwars. FAB

    Anyway, I started off watching the worlds strongest man on youtube, 1988 Jon pall sigamarsson. Gotta love it. I'm not US so not hampered by Kaz losing. I just love the Strong man. Jon Pall was great anyway. Capes was out by then, I loved the Capes. Jamie Reeves was in. UK boy. It was always EU vs US by then. Kaz was just too good.
    Does anyone have an answer as to why the WSM Decades dvds have been cancelled? Can't get them anywhere.

    Ended up browsing ebay and coming across Starwars stuff, and ended up on Dave Prowses website. It's Starwars mania out there on ebay at the moment, and I'm happy about it. It brings back such happy memories for me. Born in 72.. Dave Prowse was such a big infulence to me back in the day. As a kid, I kinda knew he was Darth Vader, and every kid respected Darth Vader in the 70's. He then went on to be the Green Cross Code Man, which in the UK was a National awarness for crossing the street campaign (not jay walking. Took me years to figure out what Jay Walking was as it didn't happen where I grew up due to the Green Cross Code Man). And it worked. I wished they'd bring it back.
    Secondly, he'd be on kids daytime tv doing shoulder press with house bricks, and lastly more or less to cap it off for me ......he was the man behind building up Christoper Reeves of Superman status!

    I was only a child, a kid, but that man had an effect on me. Starwars is back, and I'm very happy about it.
    Bye the way, I talk funny. And Darth Vader is my Dad.

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    I've just read my post above to check for typos, which I found and corrected. But what struck me was the story of influence. Robby Robinson in his book states the late Jack Lalanne, and watching him as a child.
    Arnold - Reg Park etc...

    I guess it's always someone.

    Who was your inspiration?


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      Bumping this from almost a year ago.

      Hasn't nobody got any child hood inspirations that got them on the road to this weight lifting game?

      Not one person came back with a stock answer of Arnold....something's wrong somewhere....