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    Who are your cable and Internet providers and how much do you pay for what services and where are you located?

    Fuck Comcast.

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    Originally posted by Collabera View Post
    Who are your cable and Internet providers and how much do you pay for what services and where are you located?

    Fuck Comcast.
    You don't fuck Comcast. Comcast fucks you. I would know.
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      They are all crooks anymore, we used to pay over $150 for cable/HD and internet. About 2 years ago we canceled all the cable and went with Netflix and Hulu, went good for a while. Now they started charging by how much data you use, fuckers always find a way to get you. We have Armstrong out here...
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        Centurylink for internet, Chromecast for streaming Netflix and other media, Leaf HD indoor antenna for 28 free HD channels (including CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX.)

        Never been happier, and it costs a whopping $40/month.
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          thankfully I live in an area with a pretty competative market; especially with the advent of google fiber. that being said, I have always pitted one company against the other in order to get the lowest price. I also used tricks like using the wifes name to get a "new customer" introductory discount etc, etc. I pay about 80 bucks a month for internet and cable, although I only watch a few channels anyway.


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            with internet i"ll pay more for faster speed. first time i used internet with a 100 mbps i was blown away. unfortunately i got service with century link and they suck.


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              We had Comcast in Denver and it was always around 250 for cable and Internet. Now that we live in the country, we have to have satellite internet, only 69!a month but also not quite as fast. Direct tv which is always expensive because my husband orders all the fights. I feel like they all bend you over in some fashion or another.
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                We used Cox in San Diego for internet and tv for 165 a month...Now we pay 39 euros (41USD) a month for tv, internet and house phone with unlimited long distance calls to the states :-)
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                  Had cox in las vegas. Prices werent the best but they were super fast and reliable. Gigabit internet.

                  In the small city im in now, its only Bend Broadband cable and centurylink dsl. Centurylink is slow as crap, expensive, and they charged me for phone for a year when i told them i didnt have one. Cable is the way to go i feel.


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                    I pay $36 a month for cable internet, in College Station, TX, and I get about 50Mb down/5 Mbup
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                      Where I live we only have 4 companies. I went with the one that guaranteed the download speed because if I dipped below the speed on a speed test more than 3 times a month then I didn't have to pay.

                      I checked it every day when I woke up and went to work, each day when I came home and got the kids in on it too. I checked it when I otherwise wouldn't even use the computer and if it was 1mb below I sent them off the speed test print out.

                      I didn't pay a cent for over 8 months. They had techs out to my home 4 times and to the street a number of times and ended up laying new cable. My dad lives on my street so I got him in on it too.

                      Now they upgraded me so much I have to pay, but....I am moving soon so let the games begin!
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                        I'm too cheap to have either at my home - but we do have a local company, Nextech Wireless, that works well. I did have COX at my business but the prices got to be prohibitive, so used Nextech internet there.
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                          we basically only have FIOs or Xfinity in the boston area. You are looking a 60-80 bucks per month for just internet. That is the cheapest one that's fast enough to stream movie/tvs reliably.

                          We are cutting the cord next month, will save about 90 bucks a month


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                            $165 for cable and internet through Service Electric in Pennsylvania. Not worth it at all as I watch about 3-4 shows consistently and we also have HBO GO, Hulu Plus and Netflix. But I like to watch the news, Around the Horn/Pardon the Interution (ESPN) and live sports. But it doesn't break the bank so I don't sweat it.


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                              I live in a community where Comcast has the contract. Basic cable/internet (no DVRs) is part of our HOA fees, which also includes trash, snow, etc. So, I couldn't put a price on it as I don't know the exact breakdown (although, I imagine that is somewhere). I do know that b/c of the bundled package with the community, we pay a cheaper rate--as I have to pay separately/Comcast directly only for the the DVRs, digital receiver(s), and sports package. That comes to a whopping $30 per month for five TVs. Actually, no real complaints.

                              Prior to moving here, I had Comcast (circa. 2006-2008) and ended up shitcanning them as the Internet service was horrible. We switched to Verizon FIOS and it was fantastic--picture was better and there was no issues with Internet.

                              I've lived in this community for nearly two years and for the mostpart, have no complaints with it. But, I don't watch much TV...mostly football/sports.

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