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Favorite True Nutrition Protein Flavor?

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  • Favorite True Nutrition Protein Flavor?

    Anyone have any recommendations? I am going to buy some soon and just wanted some input. Thanks!

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    Java mocha
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      My girlfriend loves the chocolate fudge brownie m. I think that's what it is. I just finished some of the very berry strawberry. Wasn't too bad at all. But I am going to try the other strawberry options in the future only because I didn't think it was "great". Just good. My goal is to find one that is similar to the strawberries and cream Isopure. That's my favorite tasting protein ever.

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        I'm currently a fan of the strawberry-banana. I put in an orange-flavored fiber supplement with every shake, so the flavors mix very well.
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          I'm all about the bannna cream true flavor with natty pb
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            Thanks for the input! I usually make my shakes with unsweetened almond milk and some heavy cream so anything chocolate or fruit is great.


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              We have Java Mocha, Vanilla Cake Batter, Strawberry Banana, Chocolate Banana and Fudge Brownie right now. I used to love the Java Mocha but this is the first I had it as a True Flavor and I don't like it as much. Just asked Jess last night and I will stick to Fudge Brownie with a little Strawberry Banana for her.


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                Anyone try the Peanut Butter cup (Beef/paleo protein)


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                  That chocolate fudge brownie. Simple, yet so so good.

                  The blueberry muffin takes some getting used to. I have Lemon Cake with my HBCD, and its pretty damn good. Not sure how it would be with protein though. TBH, i cannot stand the Vanilla; something about it just isnt right.


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                    I just received my order from TN.

                    1. Cinnabon
                    2. Cafe Mocha
                    3. banana smoothie

                    The Cinnabon in my opinion is the best. It's great with water and amazing with almond milk. Way better then the old version they had as I couldn't stomach it.

                    The cafe mocha was fine, a bit better then Java mocha in my opinion. Taste didn't make a difference with water or almond milk.

                    I'll try the banana as soon as I get home from the gym.

                    i was a huge chocolate fudge brownie fan especially with almond milk. Since TN changed the team skip formula I have found that with almond milk it becomes very thick and is no longer that same great taste. I prefer the chocolate fudge brownie strictly with water now.

                    Blueberry muffin was a huge disappointment. I only ordered a pound and just threw it in and mixed it with my chocolate fudge brownie protein because they are my least favorite right now
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                      Java Mocha is my favorite but I really want to try the Cinnabon


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                        Banana smoothie is flipping amazing as well. Good with water and amazing with almond milk. Poured it over my french toast cereal for post workout and it was perfect.

                        My go to for water and protein is deff the choc brownie.