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Facebook selfies- muscle editing

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  • Facebook selfies- muscle editing

    Not a rant really (each to their own), I'm never one to take a selfie and post it up on social media it's just not my thing (unfortunately only for skips updates ��). Occasionally I see a post from a average gym goer or young gym buddies etc and the definition or muscle is overly impressive. As in it would take a miracle transmogrification or grams upon tren to achieve (latter I wouldn't be surprised). Girls/women edit pictures all the time, is there a trend for blokes too? Fuck I sound old ��
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    The best is when a guy will post up a selfie with the caption along the lines of, "Gee, eating so many carbs all the time, barely training, and still staying lean IDK GUISE LOL."
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      There are plenty of photoshop fail videos on youtube and a lot of the fails are guys so I guess it is prevalent.

      You are old. My youngest son (under 10) records his videogame highlights and posts the videos on his youtube channel with a commentary. 10 is the new 15 and 18 is the new 30. However 40 is the new 30 too.
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        Sounds about right.....isn't making your life, and everything it involves, appear better than it is exactly what facebook is for?
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          Facebook allows everyone to fool themselves into thinking they are celebrities.