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some thoughts on the "party for dancing man" story

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  • some thoughts on the "party for dancing man" story

    First, here's the story that prompted me to write this post:

    Of course I despise bullies, and have nothing but contempt for the 4chan maggots who posted pictures of this guy to humiliate him. However, if I were in the position of "dancing man," I am certain that I'd only feel MORE mortified to have hundreds of women offering to throw me a dance party where I was the only guy when it was obvious--undeniable--that their primary motive for doing so was pity. I also couldn't help thinking that maybe some of them were motivated by a desire to make themselves feel better about the way they'd burned unattractive nice guys in the past. ("Well, sure, I giggled right in the face of that fat nerd who asked me to a dance in high school, but I can't be all bad because I totally went to that dance party to support that fat guy! I even had the option of getting balled by a hot bodybuilder on the night of the dance, but I totally made the sacrifice! ANTI-BULLYING ACTIVISM FTW!")

    Am I too cynical?
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    wow shit like that makes me hate people. i'm going to disagree on the not liking the women for throwing him the party. there's a huge surplus of people out to shit on others and ruin people's days, whereas its a rarity to see another human being trying to aid another, regardless of any motive. even if it is the right thing for the wrong reason, i commend her for cheering this nice guy up who the internet tough guy thought he could tear down.


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      I think you might be too cynical in thinking the people who are going are doing so to make up for something. Hell, I'd go, and not only do I not make fun of overweight people, I was (and still am, to some degree) one.
      I don't think pity is the motivating factor -- I think the mindset is more along the lines of "Hey, FUCK people who try to stop others from having good, clean fun! We've got your back, bro! Let's dance!"
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        If I was fat and women decided to throw me a dance party, I'd go.
        Screw their motivation, it's about me having fun.

        Paraphrasing a certain bald guy, just sayin.
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