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Ode to Bruce Willis

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  • Ode to Bruce Willis

    A happy 60th birthday to Bruce Willis ...

    Yul Brynner was cool, and he gave it the old college try ... But it never really took.

    Telly Savalas tried it, but it became more of a "Kojack" punch line than an accepted look.

    Bruce made bald cool for the white guys - much like Jordan did for black dudes. For that all follically challenged white boys owe him a debt of gratitude. He single handedly freed us from our chains of toupees, comb overs, rogaine, propecia, spray can hair ... And shame.

    ** and bonus points to Bruce for trying to enlist in the military post 9-11 - at like age 47! **

    Raise your glasses in a toast today, my bald eagles ... And thank you Mr Willis