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What has stopped you training?

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  • What has stopped you training?

    What has stopped you training?

    Not asking about the usual stuff here like motivation or work or family.

    This stems from yesterday where I picked up a dumbbell and felt a small pain on my thumb. Today my thumb is double it's usual size and I can't close my hand.

    A check of the dumbbell I used located one of these about 3mm in length had made a little home for itself.

    Relatively harmless but I currently can't hold anything in my right hand.

    Previous unexpected reasons for skipping the gym have included a massive flood but otherwise I am regular - even Christmas day for an hour.

    How about you?
    "Be gentle in what you do, firm in how you do it."
    Buck Brannaman.

    "It is the certainty of punishment that deters crime, not the severity of it."
    'Hanging' Judge PARKER

    "Nothing is so powerful as an insight into human nature... what compulsions drive a man, what instincts dominate his action... if you know these things about a man you can touch him at the core of his being."
    ~William Bernbach