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What's your favorite lunch bag and tupaware?

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  • What's your favorite lunch bag and tupaware?

    Does anyone have and like the six pack bags?

    Any experiences would be great.


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    I have bought both the Sixpack Bag and the Isobag. I work a 50-60 hour a week job and eat 5 meals at work, so I use my bag every single day.

    I bought the Sixpack bag first and wore it out after two years. I love the top portion of the SixPack bag where you can put vitamins and nuts, etc. in the top. This was helpful for low carb dieting. I also really liked their containers. Their containers are very sturdy. The ice packs you get with the bag last forever and are the best ice packs I have ever used. The larger bag is a lot to haul around and the silver lining in the bag falls apart after about a week or two depending on how much you use it. My meals seemed to be kept much cooler in this bag.

    I bought the Isobag next and the bag itself is really sturdy. It has not fallen apart at all. No liner has begun to peel off or anything. I don't think it keeps meals as cool though. The icepacks you get with the Isobag suck. The first ones that I bought with the bag started leaking immediately, and then the second set I bought lasted a little longer but eventually met the same demise. So I fold up the Sixpack icepacks and put them in the bottom of the bag and this is what works. The Isobag is a little less conspicous. It has a smaller profile and doesn't look strange to your office mates like the Sixpack bag which resembles a mini refrigerator.

    So that is my review. Each bag manufacturer clearly put emphasis in different areas resulting in positive and negative atributes for each bag.
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