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Working out until you shrink (overtraining)

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  • Working out until you shrink (overtraining)

    So my dumbass trained intensely for 4 hours today because I was cracked out on my pre-workout and was in a workout high. 3-6 reps till failure w/ 4 sets for back, for each exercise that I did. Usually my body lets me know when to stop, but today I was so in the zone that I didn't realize that my body started to look deflated/shrunken. So my question is... If within the hour after lifting I ate 2,000+ calories w/ digestive enzymes to help absorb as much nutrients as possible from the food, would that save my body from the catabolic damage that was being done/already done and help me grow in size and strength like a normal workout?

    Maybe my horrible example below will help you guys understand what the unclear question I'm asking is.

    E.g Being on level 10 of a graph with highest level 20, but because I over trained I went down to level 7 while training (in terms of damage), and after I eat and sleep (workout recovery would help me gain + 10 levels) be at level 17 instead of 20 because the damage was already done so the body didn't recover to its full potential.

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    Over-think much?

    Eat and rest and you will recover. You felt "small" because you ended up so depleted.

    You are trying to make something that is very gray, black and white with numbers and you can't do that.


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      Thanks, yea that's what I did and I'm fine. I was still cracked out as I wrote my question lol.


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        This is a great question for a guy who's been a member here for 5 years. Surely you would have put on 20kg now and figured this out.
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          starting out from day one has been hard for me dude even though I need to keep pounding down meals