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  • If you just found out....

    You only had a year left to live, what would you do with that time? Just curious and no I'm not dying...
    Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN

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    I'd like to think that I would worry less, and enjoy more, somehow be freer.

    And since one day I am going to die, I would like to start doing that now.
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      For me, I would do a few things in that year. I would probably worry a LOT less about my job performance and enjoy my personal life more, build and enjoy stronger relationships with the important people in my life, and I would want to finally make that leap into doing a bodybuilding show :bb:, since I havent competed yet and keep putting it off. What would you do Heck?


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        Quit my job and go on a year-long global excursion.... African safari, antartica, Asia, South america... the most exotic places I could think of.
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          I would spend as much time with my son doing as many fun activities as possible so he had an incredible memory of me when I was gone. I would attempt to right wrongs I have done and things I was not proud of, whether they forgave was irrelevant, I'd admit my wrong and come to peace with them. Tell people things I should have a long time ago that I've held in but shouldn't have.


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            I spend as much time with my daughter as possible whilst still taking my brother bass fishing and loving everything about my wife... I'd go to mass 3 xs a week minimum and eat a lot of hamburgers
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              Originally posted by firedawg0108 View Post
              What would you do Heck?
              I would drain my retirement accounts, max out all of my credit cards, travel the world and do random nice things for less fortunate people....and have a boat load of fun along the way!
              Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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                I'd probably continue as I would, but take a lot more weekends traveling north to see my family, which is less than an hour by plane. Knowing me, I'd keep it in as long as I possibly could. I hate seeing my mom cry.

                I would also spend a lot more time doing more EC activities that I don't get to do because I have to study - like the homeless soup kitchen / clinic on Tuesday evenings.
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                  It is interesting that I stumbled upon this thread because I was asking a very similar question yesterday. I found myself wondering what I would do differently if I discovered that I only had 6 months to live, but a year is about the same, and I have to admit that I honestly do not know. That bothers me, and it also helped me to realize that I have some serious thinking to do. I want to go to my death bed knowing that I gave it my all and there was nothing left to do at that point in my life whether it is within the next 10 minutes, or 100 years from now.
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                    1 year gives me plenty of time to complete my mission. I would continue on as usual at this stage.

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