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    So its open enrollment time again again at work which always means higher premiums and higher max out of pocket every year. I have a family plan that covers my wife and son as well (will be adding another kiddo in May provided everything goes well) and it cost me $301.xx bi-weekly. Covers 90% of major medical with max out of pocket of $2250 per person. So I am looking at $7825 in premiums next year plus i expect to hit the max on my wife and the new baby so another $4500 out of pocket. Thats over $12k in medical expenses (assuming nothing happens with myself or my son) next year which seems high to me but is it??? I am lucky to have a good job and make decent money but thats still a big ass hit and I don't see how some people can afford that.
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    Married or single.. I am in rhe same boat as you.
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      Ours are about the same... Hell my wife is an RN and at the hosp she works at the premiums for her are around what you pay...Def hope all goes well with the new addition
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        Here in Aust it is almost exactly the same. Because of what my and the wifes combined income is we pay the Government over $6,000.00 in a levy for Medicare (tax they take from your pay before you see it). Then I have to pay $7,800 in private insurance as well.

        Please note if you earn what we do and don't pay private insurance then the Gvt takes extra tax from you to the same amount as the private insurance would be. Please note that I am a cop and my wife teaches at a Uni so we are in no way big money earners.

        If no-one gets sick we pay roughly $14,000.00 a year. If we get sick we won't pay much though.

        I think the entire industry is a total rip off. Our biggest medical problem in Australia is type 2 Diabeties. 1/3rd of all hospital beds are taken up by these patients and their complications. By 2030 more money will be required for medication and treatment of preventable conditions then is currently collected in total tax each year.

        Basically most of my medical expenses are because other people can't watch what they eat and don't exercise.

        Don't get me started............
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          I paid $11,700 last year for my wife and 3 kids ($487.5 biweekly).
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            Sissy has awesome insurance - has for about 16 or so years and even with awesome insurance, we are paying quite a bit more BUT .... we are lucky because her employer is very generous so we are in a "vitality" type set up where you can earn lower premiums by gaining more "points" for being healthy. Example: By the time we are done jumping through hoops like showing proof of good blood work, physicals, health assessments, our weekly logins at the gym (they are actually contracted with one of our gyms to log how many times a week we workout), etc., our monthly premiums drop about 32% which is a pretty sweet deal. After we are done jumping through all of the hoops, we actually will pay LESS than we were paying per month for premiums.

            At least in OUR case, we are in a pretty good spot because due to us proving we are healthy and active, we are paying less. Now, the deductibles I am not yet sure of and that is my frustration. My wife says they are the same as they ever were but I can't figure that out because we are never sick and never have to really pay out of pocket so I have to look into that more.

            Oh, we also benefit from the change in the plan due to chiro because even though our chiro copays are write offs for the business, I still had to pay for years because my chiro that I go to is out of network. That will change where out of network is still 60% paid so I will save a pretty good chuck of change with 4 visits per month between myself and Sissy over the course of a year.

            At least so far, I don't have much to complain about and we aren't "low earners" so we just got lucky that her company provides such a great insurance plan.


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              Seems pretty reasonable. My wife's employer offers insurance, it covers herself, me and my son. Her share is only 220$ a month (1500 deductible) but our MOPA is 9,000. We have Cigna open access. Her employer offered 2 plans, one was 220$ a month and one was 480$ a month. Basicslly the same plan except the more expensive one was only 5,000 mop a year. We decided to take the cheaper plan and stash the extra cash each month. In alil over a year well have saved the difference In MOPA incase something horrible happens, and if not we saved that cash Instead of give it to the insursnce company
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                I can't believe some of these insurance premiums you guys have! I just talked to some of the other nurses at work last night about this and their's are just as outrageous.

                Jess and I are incredibly lucky to have benefits through my job with the fire department. I paid $10 per pay for myself and it jumped a whopping $6 when we got married. We get reimbursed for gym memberships and when I broke my jaw I paid ZERO for any of the surgery, hospitalization or out patient follow ups.

                Very, very lucky.


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                  I was baying $816 per month and about 2 yrs ago I went with private insurance. I pay $447/month for a family of 5. 30,30,10,4,2. I get 1 preventive care per person and prescription coverage. $35 co-pay for doc and min clinic. $5000 deductible for the family.


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                    WOW, like Adam, I can't believe some of the premiums you guys are paying. I pay $157 bi-weekly with a $1,500 deductible per person (5 of us). $3,000 max out-of-pocket per person. I will never bitch about my costs again.....
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                      Looks like i fall somewhere in the middle which is what i thought. I really feel for some of you guys. I wish my plan was setup more like what Skip described though. With mine we all pay the same. My 50+ year old co worker and his wife are both chain smokers and he has 3 kids but pays the exact same as I pay for my wife and 1 kid. There is no reward for trying to live a healthy life. At the end of the day it could be worse though.
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                        self employed at 516 a month, 5000 deductible, only thing its good for is if I have something major happen. Have not been sick or to the doc for a year and half at which time I had a couple spots of basil cell removed and paid cash after negotiating the cost down....way down...
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