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    I am looking into getting a tablet. I have never had one, but would like one for work mainly. I have never been an apple guy. Not against or for it, just never had any Apple products, other than an Ipod nano.

    I know new technology is usually being released mid-summer into the fall. I am looking at the Samsung products. I am aware they are releasing their new tablet, the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. I am getting the Samsung GS4 phone, so was going to get their tablet as well. But not 100% on anything at this point.

    I am sure I would be pleased with any manufacturer.

    What do you guys use, recommend, advise to stay away from, etc...?
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    I just got one for my wife after doing a lot of research, I have worked in IT for over 15yrs for what it's worth.

    The best tablet is the iPad 4 but also the most expensive. The best Android tablet is the Google Nexus.

    CNET has good reviews.
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      We have 2 iPads and love them. Apple is usually a love/hate thing, but I'm an android/PC convert and I couldn't be happier.
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        I have the 10.1 Asus tf300 which is what google is using for their nexus. Great tablet for home but if traveling with it I would have to recommend a 7" tablet like the nexus 7. Also matters igf you want it on a wireless service plan or WiFi only.


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          I have a Google Nexus and absolutely love it.