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Pappy Van Winkle 15 yr old whiskey

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  • Pappy Van Winkle 15 yr old whiskey

    Hey guys I'm trying to get my hands on this bottle of booze as a gift for one of my buddies that is getting married in July. Sadly Pappy's is pretty damn hard to come by.

    However there is currently a site in the UK that has it in stock, the rub is that they only ship domestically inside the UK.

    I know there is some solid people here that might be willing to help someone out. I'll gladly pay for the cost of the booze, shipping, and will definitely pay for the person's services. If anyone is willing to help me out please PM me.

    Or if someone knows of something better than Pappy's please let me know always willing to try a new bourbon.

    Oh and here is the link for the bourbon if someone in the UK is a fan.

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    If your gonna end up spending 250$ there's a lot of great scotch's, macallan 18 is a great choice


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      MachMood I agree. I guess it's more for the novelty of it. There is only 5000 bottles or so produced a year and being able to buy it is a bit akin to winning a a local church's bingo. You may not win every time but its cool when you do.