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    So i just started listening to podcasts on my way to school or just listen to them when im bored. I knew about podcasts for a few years but never really bothered with them until now and now im trying to find some good ones to subscribe to. Im a fan of joe rogan's show, he usually has some interesting characters on there that sparks good debate. I just subscribed to thefitcast which looks promising, obviously not as entertaining as joe but good information and usually interviews good coaches. I also just subscribed to barbell shrugged which is similar to fitcast. what are some of your guys' favorite podcasts to subscribe to or even specific episodes that were good

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    Although its not fitness specific, I've just started listening to 'The History Of Rome' great if your a history boffin - chronicles everything from the very start all the way through to the end.

    Also EliteFTS' podcast - has some good topics on.


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      I have a number of podcasts on my ipod. Some deal with computers. I have one called sexxxtalk it is a trip to listen to. It is a no holds barred approach and it is done by 2 women. as well as one called godless bitches but that one is starting to annoy me alot. I have some NPR stuff as well.


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        I've been listening to good old Billy Burr's podcast for awhile now, but he very rarely has anyone else on to talk to and his style is more along the lines of a rambling mad man, but for some reason his ramblings sound like my inner monologue. It is actually a good way to see how a comedian thinks and how new bits are formed, seems like he gets much of his ideas this way which is interesting but fine tunes it during his stand up, besides being funny I can appreciate to see that happen. But I'm not too sure where to look if your looking for of a more round table talk with interesting guests, I'm sure some people here will be able to help out.


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          Bill Burr's podcast is hilarious. He's probably my favorite standup working right now.

          My favorite podcast is Joe Rogan's podcast. It is great.

          Used to like Quantum Physiques, but they don't update it much.